Unorthodox Army Construction - The Sanguinary Guard Army

The Vanus Temple has a very neat and fluffly army posted that I was just enthralled by. The army is a Sanguinary Guard force based around Commander Dante, The Sanguinor, units of Sanguinary Guard, and a couple of Sanguinary Priests.

The entire army is very compact and VERY elite. I am not sure how competitive it would be, but I would think that it would have a chance. There are quite a few Melta weapons scattered about, the army is going to be very fast and accurate (Descent of Angels combined with Dante's unit not scattering) and it will have some punch and resilience (5 attacks on the charge to a unit of Sanguinary guard with a banner and within range of the Sanguinor will hurt - as will everything having Feel-No-Pain from the priests.)

As you can see form the picture above, the army turned out really slick. Quite a few of the pieces are kit-bashed using the Sanguinary Guard kit and turned out really nice.

All in all I think this would be a fun army to play, and to play against. Has anyone faced a list like this? How did it work out?


Just got this in my inbox from Russell -

I am currently painting and have played about 5 games with an all Sanguinary Army.
Sang Guard, 5 infernus, 1 fist, chapter banner. (dantes unit)
Sang Guard, 3 infernus, 1 fist
Sang Guard, 3 infernus, 1 fist
Sang Guard, 3 plasma, 1 fist
Sang Guard, 3 plasma 1 fist
3 sang priests, jump, power weapon
1 sang priest, jump, power weapon, infernus pistol (with Dantes unit).
I have 1 win, 1 tie and 3 losses, the army simply lacks long range punch and most armies have too many ap2 ap1 weapons these days.
It is a cool looking fluffy bunny army that does about as well as any fluffy bunny army, which is to say not very well.

There is even a thread over in our forum talking about a Sanguinary Guard list and how to make it more competitive - check it out here.