Spearhead Impressions And Reviews From Around The Web

From around the web and onto your PC here are some impressions on Spearhead.

DoctorEvil from the BOLS Lounge was not impressed. His biggest gripe was that all the rules weren't there - you have to download the formations off the web.

Most people are waiting to pass judgement until they get a game in - Thread at Heresy Online,

John from John's Toy Soldiers has a nice little overview and seems to be happy with the expansion.

Galaxy In Flames seems pretty optimistic about it.

Bell of Lost Souls has a nice tactics article up that talks about all the different Spearhead Formations.

Mercer at Imperium Dominatus feels about the same way I do when he compares Spearhead to a smaller version of Apocalypse.

And lastly it looks like BuFFo from the BOLS Lounge hit it right on the head with the following post in this thread -

I understand what you mean, but, the point is, if you want to play with all vehicles, aren't we basically doing that now anyway, and if not, you can just do it anyway.
I am against Apocalypse games, just for he fact that before it was called Apocalypse, it was just called 'Big Games' and people have been playing big games for decades. All GW did was brand the house rule style of playing, and put a price tag on something that was/is essentially free to do.
Before Appoc, but AFTER 3rd edition, there was a resentment int eh gaming community about playing Big Games, as 3rd edition sucked in the foundation to all the tourney players we have today. If you asked these players to use your Tyranid Gargantuan Creatures, or Epic Cast Eldar Titans, they would laugh at you. What do we have today? Oh, it is okay to use those models because GW says so, so go out and buy 10 Baneblades.
I saw it personally. Before apoc it was "I wouldn't play against your tank army Buffo" and after Apoc it was "Hey Buffo, I just spent 500 bucks on tanks for APoc, so now it is okay to play big games agains!".
But hey, if people are stupid enough to buy 12 BloodThirsters or 12 Lemon Russes for that once a year game, so be it. I am sure GW doesn't mind.
Spearhead to me, sounds no different than Cities of Death or Planet Strike - you buy the book/DL the rules, and play only 3 games. The books then collect dust and that's it. In my local area, no one plays the supplemental games, because if we wanted to, we would do so with the basic 40k rules anyway.
Now, I know that "one poster" will swear he plays Cities and Apoc every single day. Whatever.