So Long Allies - 'New' Witch Hunters Codex and Daemon Hunters Codex Are Up

The 'New' Witch Hunters Codex and Daemonhunters Codex are available for download at Games Workshops Website.

I say new in a very loose way - these are pretty much verbatim from the current print versions that are out there. There is one small and very important difference though - there are no rules for allies in either codex. WHAT?

You heard right, there are no rules that allow Space Marines or Imperial Guard to take units out of either codex. The Witch Hunters codex still has rules for allowing you to induct a certain few units from the Imperial Guard of Space Marine Codex, but not the other way around.

I say good riddance and good job! The 35 point Inquisitor with two mystics was just crap. This allowed Imperial Guard to negate one of their biggest weaknesses - the alpha strike - and it all but nerfed Daemons when playing against this set up. I fully understand that when playing Daemons vs. Sisters or Daemonhunters they should have some tricks up their sleeve, but seeing every tournament IG and Space Marine army bringing 35 points of models to the table that just gimp up your army list got old fast.

I am excited that Games Workshop put these books up for download. Hopefully this is some kind of experiment and maybe we will see more of this in the future. I don't hold much faith for this, but you gotta have hope.