Sneak Peak at Warhammer Fantasy Goodies

It looks like a picture from the Spanish White Dwarf has been leaked to the net that shows some of the "goodies" coming out with the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy.

The items in the middle top row translate to Engineer Tools, and the ones on the right are a set of templates.

On the bottom row we have a set of magic cards, markers, and skull dice.

No word on if these will be available for general purchase or if they will only be available as part of the collectors edition. I am leaning towards being able to purchase them separately since they all have product IDs listed with them.

Depending on the price some of these might be nice to pick up - the magic cards and skull dice look like the most likely candidates that I would consider picking up. The rulers, markers, and template set all look a bit to flimsy for me - I guess time will tell on how sturdy they are.