Patriot Games Day One Recap

Just got in from day one of Patriot Games and it was a blast.

Game one started out with a bang - it was a straight forward Kill Point mission with a few bonus points. I was matched up against a solid Imperial Guard army player that I had played before in a doubles tournament and it was a really fun game. All of the members of The Hogs of War managed to pull off a win in game one.

Moving on to game two it was a version of Capture and Control - each player had an objective to defend. Again The Hogs of War would prove victorious in this round and we all emerged victorious.

Round three is where it started to fall apart for us. Since there are thirty players and there are about nine of us who play each other quite regularly, since we all had won our previous two matches it was time for us to face off against our brothers in arms. Round three saw Jester and Monkey slugging it out while I and Cap'n Woodrow had at it. In the end Jester won out over Monkey, and the Cap'n and I ended up with a hard fought draw.

Tomorrow looks to be prosiming - at this point everyone is still in it for winning overall and best general. It is going to come down to the last two games to see who wins - as it should. We are banking on the scenarios being pretty twisty tomorrow, as they got more complex as the day went on.

At this point Big Al and Jester have the highest standings out of all The Hogs - we are predicting that they will face each other at some point tomorrow and that is going to shake up the standings. From there on down it gets real close - a lot of the Little Rock players have done quite well, and a few of the folks from Missouri have been having a good run at it as well - it is still anyones game.