Nurgle Raptors Converted From Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

For some strange reason when I first saw the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard the only thing I though of was how cool they would look converted over to be Nurgle Raptors.


This was an amazingly fun conversion project. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get ALL of the aquilas, blood drops, and purity seals off the models, but I wanted to get the majority of them. I used a new xacto knife and shaved off as much as I could. In the end I got off all the blood drops, and most of the purity seals (there were a few left on the feet/leg area.) The eagles were just too ingrained in most of the models to get them off so I just left them - I'll just have to apply a bit extra grime and rust to them to show that they have been neglected and corrupted.

I decided to arm this unit up as a sacrifical Raptor squad that will pack a punch. They are equpped with two Meltaguns, a Power Fist, and the Icon of Nurgle.

Next up is painting these guys - I am planning on doing them in the same color scheme as I used on the Chapterhouse Studio Heresy Head Squad.