Modular Resin Buildings from Down Under

Fiendish Fabrications is an Australian company that is offering modular resin buildings. Here is a quote from their webstie that sums it up nicely-

FF Cityscape Terrain is designed for the modeler or gamer who wishes to build their own city or town setting. By providing the basic elements, Cityscape Terrain enables you to construct anything from the quaint buildings of a small country town to the dark alleys of a large bustling city. Cityscape buildings are scaled for 28 / 32mm figurines, are made from durable polyurethane and come unpainted and unassembled.

Here are some shots of the base pieces of the kit - 

And something you can make out of a few sets -  

The price on the combined house set is 32 Australian Dollars, which is about $25 US - not too bad. The price is comparable to the Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Chapel, which is also $25.

I didn't see anywhere on the site that said what shipping to the US would be, so take that in mind.