The 40k Rumor Well Has Gone Dry

Man, talk about a slow month for Warhammer 40k rumors. I haven't heard a peep about anything so far this month. It makes sense that with the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy being out that the focus would shift to that system, but come on! - Somebody out there has to know something. The juiciest bit of news we have gotten is a sketchy rumor about Dark Eldar weapons being poisoned.

There haven't even been that many rumors about what is coming next for Warhammer Fantasy. All we have really been hearing about is the new rulebook. It is pretty much expected that Tomb Kings will be the next Fantasy army, but we haven't gotten any juicy details in a long while on these guys - it has just been the same old rumors rehashed over and over.

I am expecting the news to come rolling in after the release of the new Fantasy Rulebook - so that will be the second week in July - after that I expect the news to start rolling good and am excited about what it will bring.