Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Ed News from Games Workshop

Todays Games-Workshop newsletter had some pretty interesting news about Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition -
New Warhammer: almost here!
Since we announced the new edition of Warhammer back in April, the excitement has been slowly building. Across the land hobbyists have begun gathering their forces in preparation of the mighty battles that lie ahead; in hushed whispers they've talked about what might lie within the 528-pages of the new Warhammer rulebook. Well prepare to ramp your excitement up a notch - Warhammer will be available to advance order from the 15th of June. Inspired by the clockwork creations of the engineers of Altdorf, we've today added a swish countdown clock to games-workshop.com, so you'll know exactly how many minutes and seconds to go before you can order your copy.

There are a few juicy bits in this news release. For one, the size of the book has been confirmed as being 528 pages. That is HUGE! In a previous post I talked about what could possibly be in there as the current rulebook is only 270 pages. From the images above it looks like we are getting a pretty good sized hobby section - the Lizardman Fluff pages, and the Orc and Goblin hobby page look pretty slick. It also looke like there are going to be new types of missions in this book - the above picture shows short edge deployment zones.

Something else that is interesting is the bottom picture with the Dark Elves and High Elves. This almost looks like something out of Battle Missions for 40k - maybe we are getting army specific missions?

As noted above Junes White Dwarf will be out this weekend (Spear Head!) and I would expect more information to start trickling in through the Games Workshop blog, newsletter, as well as from rumor sites.