Vallejo Pumice Review from Dakka Dakka

There is a really neat tutorial up over at Dakka about using Vallejo Pumice for basing. From legoburner at Dakka Dakka -

I've had the four main types of Vallejo Pumice sitting in my cupboard for ages, so thought I would finally get around to doing a quick comparison/review of them. 
For starters here is what they look like: 

You basically spread them onto a base with a spatchula and leave to dry. Drying time is 3-6+ hours depending on the temperature. 
They go on wet: 
But dry out and change shape: 
To provide a more equal comparison, I've sprayed them black, then drybrushed with adeptus battlegrey, codex grey and fortress grey: 

Check out the full article as there are some close up pictures of the bases as well as a couple of good pointers and tips. You can order this stuff from The War Store and it isn't that expensive. I just might have to order some and give it a go.