Speed Painting - Honoured Imperium Space Marine Statue

Here is my speed painted Honoured Imperium Space Marine Statue.

This guy was a breeze to paint. I tried using the method where you build the shadows into the primer job. I primed the whole model black and then sprayed some grey primer further way from the model and only from above. I then sprayed flat white paint in the same method but pulled yet further back from the model.

This gave me a very nice gradient of shadow to highlight using only spray paint. I let this dry and then touched up a few areas with a dry brushing of Fortress Grey using my large dry brush. Total time spent painting this model was about five minutes so I am happy with how it looks considering how much time I put into it.

I am debating giving the whole thing a wash but I think I am going to leave it alone. I got a bit of powdering from the primer from spraying it from so far back so it adds a sense of texture to the model - makes it look like it was poured out of concrete instead of carved.

I am planning on getting a few more of these guys since they are such neat kits and are priced reasonable. If you discard the little wall piece you get a big Aquila and this statue for $25. That works out to about $12 a piece and that isn't too bad.