Spearhead Formations Available on the Games Workshop Website

With the release of Warhammer 40k Spearhead Expansion in this months White Dwarf, Games Workshop has published 12 Spearhead Formations on their website. You have to be a registered user to see the article, which can be found here.

I haven't read the Spearhead rules yet (I plan on picking up the White Dwarf this weekend) but you can get a really good idea of the rules just by reading this formations. Each one reads like an apocalypse formation, only for normal sized games of 40k.

Here is one of the formations that I found interesting - the Archeotech Spearhead.

This formation is a pretty good representation of the type of formations in this expansion. Quite a few of them give you a bonus and a flaw.

All in all I think the formations are pretty neat but I don't see my gaming group really getting into this too much. Probably the only place they will see play with us is in Apocalypse games. They would be a really good fit for Apocalypse as they already follow the format of the Apocalypse formations.