Sharp Looking Yellow Orks

Mordian 7th has some really sharp looking Bad Moonz and Speed Freaks up.

I was really impressed by this Trukk Conversion. I have put together quite a few of these kits myself and always left them pretty stock. Just re-arranging a few pieces can have a really strong influence on how the model looks. This Trukk looks more like a flat-nosed big-rig giving it an intimidating shape, almost like a mini-Battlewagon in silhouette.

Aside from the red Speed Freaks, there are also quite a few Yellow Band Moonz on display. I know that yellow can be a really daunting color to paint but these are spot on. The yellow and black checks really stand out.

It is nice to see some brightly painted Orks that don't look cartoony. I bet these really stand out on the table.