New Items Available for Pre-Order at Forge World

The Forge World Newsletter came out today. There are quite a few new things available for both regular and pre-order.

First up are a few Raven Guard items. There is a Thunderhawk and Land Raider.

There are also some new Ork pieces available!

First up is the Lifta Droppa Battlewagon. This thing is just ludicrous! I mean just look at it - how awesome is that? This is a complete kit that is 60 British Pounds. Including shipping, this fantastic model will set you back right around $100 US. Not too bad considering how big the Lifta Droppa piece is - and you get the complete Ork Battlewagon Kit as well - which is around $60.

Next up we have one monster of a Stompa. This guy has it all - the custom head, Lifta Droppa arm, custom claw arm, the belly gun, and the complete Warhammer 40k Ork Stompa plastic kit - all yours for only 155 British Pounds - or about $250 US including shipping. Thats a bit steep - but man is this thing sexy!

And lastly we have a nice little conversion pack for the Orks - a weapon set for 16 Punds (about $25 US including shipping.) The best thing about this kit to me is all the mounting bits you get. The guns are pretty neat, but I already have a TON of similar guns from all the Ork kits I have bought.