Iron Halo Bases - Deus Ex Machina

In my last couple of posts on my Imperial Fists I have shown off some pictures of the models, but I haven't done a really good job at showing you the Deus Ex Machine bases that I ordered from When I first ordered these bases last year I had a few posts on how I was working on them but never really got back around to showing you the finished product. Time to rectify that problem.

Fist up we have one of my absolute favorite minis in the whole army - my converted Sternguard that I made out of a Chaos Iron Warrior model. This is also one of my favorite bases out of the line. This base has so much depth to it that it made it really fun to paint. Gluing the model on wasn't that bad either since there were several areas on the same plane that were spaced just right for the marines feet.

Here you can see the shot of the whole unit to get an idea of what a whole squad looks like with these bases.

The next shots here are from the 40mm sized bases. This is where the line really shines - there is enough area for there to be some really interesting things going on, but it isn't too busy as can be the case with the 60mm bases.

My favorite bases out of the set are the ones that are all gears. These were really fast to paint and look amazing on the table. My next favorite types are the ones with the checkerboard floor pattern, these were fun to paint up as marble. My least favorite out of the set are the bases with wood on them - it just seems a bit out of place but nonetheless looks really nice when painted up.

By using just a few different colors combined with a wash or two you can get a really nice amount of variety on your bases. A few pieces painted copper or brass really breaks up the pattern. Add a bit of rust and then wash the whole base and it really ties everything together - just like a nice rug.

So far the only line of bases that I have ordered from Iron Halo has been the Deus Ex Machina line. They do have several other interesting themes to choose from so I am sure I will be ordering form them again. The quality has been really good - especially considering the level of detail involved. The cost of the bases is very fair and shipping isn't too expensive and is actually pretty fast considering that the bases are coming all the way from New Zealand.

If you are in the market for some resin bases I would definitely consider giving Iron Halo a shot - you won't be disappointed.