Interesting Tool from Masquerade Miniaturen

Just saw this and thought I would share. Stefan over at has a very neat tool to make power cables and tubes out of green stuff. Here is the gist of it -

Stefan has these different sized silicon molds. 

Roll out a tube of green stuff and roll it between two of the molds.

Roll the tube with the back of the mold on a flat surface and you get the following.

Looks simple, but I am sure that the molds make all the difference. The molds are available for purchase from the Masquerade Minautaren store for 40 Euros. With shipping to the US it comes out to right around $75. That is too steep for me to pick a set of these up as I just dabble in sculpting, but I imagine that a serious sculptor would find these invaluable.

Here is a video of the tool in action -