Hell Dorado Update

Good news! It looks like the issues with Hell Dorado have finally been settled out. From the Cipher-Studios Website -

Greetings from New Jerusalem! After quite a bit of time with no news we are glad to be at a point where we can talk about some of our future plans for Hell Dorado.
We would like to apologize for the delay in communications from us after the announcement that we would be continuing the game and miniatures line. There has been an extended period of negotiations between us and Asmodee, which has now been resolved. Currently work is going forward on getting all of the existing molds shipped to us here in the US. We have been working hard on editing the English translation we have, and wrangling all of the clarifications and additional materials, such as the rules for the Immortals, that we plan to include in the English edition of the core Hell Dorado book. This work continues and now we will be kicking it into high gear.
We plan to release Hell Dorado in August of 2010, with new products including faction based starters debuting at Gen Con Indy. These products will then ship to distribution either the week after Gen Con or the week following that. I will work on getting together a concrete schedule of releases to share with all of you as soon as I can.
Along with new starters we plan to restructure the way the product line has been packaged so far, putting most figures in blisters, so that it is possible to get troops separate from unique individuals or to buy specific models that a player favors. For example we will package 2 or 3 Arquebusier’s together in a blister allowing players to easily acquire whatever number of them they choose, without being forced to buy unique officer models multiple times. We plan on using boxes for larger figures that require the extra room such as Georg Von Holbein, or starter sets.
Again we thank you for your interest so far and look forward to moving forward with this great game and line of beautiful miniatures. Please feel free to direct any inquiries you have to info@cipher-studios.com or to me at Dave@cipher-studios.com.

The Hell Dorado line of miniatures are some of the slickest out on the market right now. They have been next to impossible to get in the US for some time now - especially so after they had declared bankruptcy. It looks like the issues have been sorted out and coming this August the miniatures will be available again.

I can't wait. I was able to get my hands on one of their miniatures and the detail and quality was just amazing. Just look at some of the models they have available and tell me you aren't excited -

 Hello Herald of Nurgle!

 Mounted Chaos Knight Anyone?

I don't even know what I would use this model for but I want it!