Converted Ork Warboss on Warbike

As I was finishing up my Nob Bikers that I have been working on I decided that I needed a second Warboss on Warbike. The first Warboss that I converted was a lot of fun and turned out well so I figured a second one wouldn't be that big of a deal. I thought about it for a while and had orginally settled on buying an attack bike or Eldar bike to convert the model out of. I decided to take a look through my un-opened models and see if I had anything that would fit the bill and I found the perfect model - a Necron Destroyer.

I decided that I would build a hybrid Ork-Necron type Warboss mounted on a Destroyer frame. This would work quite nicely as a Warboss on Warbike. I had one Assault on Black Reach Warboss left so I set to cutting him up to make him look different from my other Warboss - who is also based off of the Assault on Black Reach Warboss model.

After cutting off the legs this guy fit on the Destroyer frame like he was built for it. The backpack fit just fine as did the gun arm. I wanted the Power Klaw arm to look different from my other Warboss so I decided to build this guy a bionic one.

A little bit of guitar wire and a paperclip glued to an ammo box bit and bam! - instant bionic arm. I then glued the Power Klaw to this mess of bits and it actually looked pretty nice. I then took some sand paper and my Dremel tool to the Destroyer frame and roughed it up a bit. I carved out a nice gouge where I stuck a piece of guitar wire - looks like Necron innards.

On the other side of the model I used a scrap piece of Plasticard and made a little metal plate with a few rivets. Nothing says Orky like a few rivets.

That was all there was to the conversion on this guy - nice and simple. I then primed him black and got to painting. The first step was to dry brush the whole model with Boltgun Metal.

Next I picked out the skin in Knarloc green.

After that I hit the cloth with Macharius Orange and painted the teeth with Dheneb stone. I then picked out the leather with a nice brown and added just a bit of red and brass to the model.

Once all that was dry I washed the whole model with Devlan Mud and Badab Black and then stuck him on a base.

This model was really fun to build and I think he will stand out nicely on the battlefield. I haven't got to game with him yet but I can't wait to have two units of Nob Bikers thundering across the field.