Space Wolves 13th Company - Long Fangs

Here is the latest progress on my 13th Company Space Wolves. Every time I work on this project I end up liking it more and more.

In my last post on these guys I had a commenter say that they looked a bit too chaosy. That is actually the look that I am going for with this force. The idea is that they have been in the Eye of Terror so long that they have started to change and don't even realize it. To get that feel I used WAY more chaos bits on all of my guys than I would have if I was going for a less tainted 13th Company feel.

First up are my heavy bolter Long Fangs. For these guys I used two of the Heavy Bolters out of the Space Marine Devestartor box and one Heavy Bolter from the Chaos Space Marines box. I really like the look of the mixed weapons.

Next up are the two Missile Launchers. One of these came out of the Assault on Black Reach box and the other was from the Devestator squad box. One of my most favorite models from the whole Space Wolf group that I have done so far is the Marine on the left - I like the way that it looks like he is just kinda strolling forward looking for a target.
And lastly we have to Lascannon Devestators. I doubt that I will use these guys very much because of the points cost but the models were just too cool to pass up.

My current plan is to filed three Heavy Bolters and two Missile Launchers in my unit. They will be accompinied by the Squad Leader and will clock in at 125 points. That is a lot of dakka for 125 points. These guys will help me deal with horde, monstrous creatures, and even light vehicles. With their split fire rule I won't be wasting any shots so that is a huge bonus.