New Models from Mantic Games

The Mantic Games Newsletter is up. They are previewing a new elf unit and have some pictures of the undead Vampire Lord on Pegasus.

First up is the new Palace Guard for the elves. This look like they would make pretty good Swordmasters of Hoeth for Warhammer Fantasy. These models are $25 for five models or $40 for ten models. This ends up being a bit cheaper than the Swordmasters if you buy them in lots of ten.

The next advance order that is currently up is the Vampire Lord on Pegasus.

I am really impressed by the detail on the above model. It looks crisp and full of character.

But I am really not that impressed by the way they painted it. I am just not sued to seeing such vibrant and bright colors on undead models. I think this could be a really neat model if painted up right. This model sells for $35 so it is comparable to options from Games Workshop and it would be an interesting change from what you are used to seeing.

Mantic is starting to put out some really nice models. I continue to be impressed by what they are doing and the price isn't too bad. Up next on their plate appears to be dwarves as well as more elves and undead.