Incoming Blood Angels - Weekend Warmup

Lemartes leading the Death Company vs. Tyranids - image from GW

This weekend marks the launch of the new Blood Angels Codex. To get us started off on the right foot here is a big list of Blood Angels articles from the last little bit to get you ramped up and ready to go!

To get us started Games Workshop has a nice article up as well as some shots of all the new kits that are out.

Spikey Bits has a nice article up talking about whether or not to mechanize your Blood Angels. My money is that we will see a LOT of mech Blood Angels - all vehicles being fast is just too nice to pass up.

BOLS has a two part article up talking about the new Blood Angels HQ choices - part 1 - part 2. Some of these guys are absolute monsters but there are also a few sneaky things in there. Not all of the HQ choices are independent characters - this keeps you from joining them to a unit and makes it hard to transport them across the field.

Goatboy from BOLS also has a short little article talking about some of the finer points of the new codex. He goes into a bit of army selection and FOC slot analysis.

I am already predicting that we are going to see quite a bit of discussion about which is better - Jump Pack Death Company, Drop Pod Death Company, or Storm Harbinger Death Company. Here is a nice Death Company Drop Pod from over at Angels Sanguine.

Jawaballs has a quick article on painting troops for Blood Angels.

Jawa also has a nice video up on how he painted a life size Blood Angels Banner.

Bobmakenzie from Bolter and Chain Sword is showing us a thing or two about the Storm Raven - sort of.

Sepulchre of Heroes points out a few odd things in the new codex. has two videos up - how to paint Flesh Tearers and how to paint Angels Sanguine.