Death Korps of Krieg part 6

Bringing home the pain

I've added a very important unit to the guard I'm working on... We'll for apocalypse anyway. I've added a Shadowsword. I'm thinking about naming it 'Legend Slayer'. It says I have to make up a pompous name for it right in the book. I didn't want sponsons on it as I liked the idea of its sole purpose is to hunt titans and get rid of other particularly nasty things. The most fun I've had with this thing in the one game I fielded it was shooting units in cover... Because you get to remove the building or woods or hill or bunker. Pesky things! Who needs terrain anyway? :)

I only modeled half of this and my friend wanted to jump in and build the other half. And I was more than willing to let him. After basic construction I added all my battle damage and do dads that I've been adding to my tank and its now sitting in black primer. I'm wanting to paint this beast more than I want to paint up my 'fieldable' tanks.