IG Chimera #4: The Astropaths ride

In the next few weeks I plan on increasing the chimera spam in my list by 100%. This will involve me modeling up another three chimeras, hopefully giving each of them their own 'character' as I go. One thing I hate about chimeras are the silly lasguns on the back so those have to go. I plan on covering them, but I just used some brass thumb tacks as covers for the openings.

For this model, I have used the hull heavy flamer since the chimera is usually moving 6". This way the chimera either moves 6" and fires the multilaser or it moves 6", flames, and the crew inside also get to fire. I have also added in a banner bit for the front. The banner will help denote this chimera as a CCS. I used an old tomb kings bit for the back for the skeleton imbedded in it. I added some guitar strings for wires and a bunch of Nurgley green stuff buboes to blend it in and tie this chimera in with the rest of my list. I imagine that the astropath inside is channeling the warpy goodness through the long dead sorceror on top of the chimera.

I typically run a pair of CCS with 3 meltas each, and they have been deserving of a better ride for quite a while now.