Deffkopta Conversion - Deffkopta to Warbuggy

Since I am in the progress of going through and finishing up all of my old projects that I have laying around I had to find a use for an abundance of Deffkoptas. I ended up with a gob of these models from the Black Reach set. I have already painted up five koptas for my Orks and I just don't think that I need any more.

Since I want some buggies/wartraks but don't like the current models I decided that I would convert some.

The general idea so far is to chop off the portion that holds the copper blades, slap on some tracks from Ramshackle games, and see how it goes.

I placed an order for the tracks last week and am just waiting on them to come in. I am not sure how well this will work as a buggy with one set of tracks so I ordered enough to have two sets of tracks per vehicle.

Here is a shot of the tracks I ordered.