The Blood Drive part 1

After Playing Mech Marines for 4 years its time for a change. Being a gearhead I'm naturally drawn to vehicles. This means that I would just be playing another Mech army so I had to pick an army with out transports or vehicles that could still be effective and most importantly a cool looking force on the table.

The list
1x Thirster
3x Princes
4x Juggs
4x Juggs
48x Bloodletters

Basic enough list. Plan is to split forces with Thirster, Jugg unit, Prince, half the troops and the other side of the force being the same minus a thirster and add a prince. This gives me an equally split force so I could care less what I get in first. If I'm feeling crazy spunky I Might just throw in the thirster, 2 jugg units, and 2 princes for the first wave and leave a prince and all the letters in the second. My goal is to have the army complete within 2 months. I have all the infantry assembled, 2 princes half assembled, All the Juggs assembled with riders half done, no thirster and no heralds yet. That is where I stand. Just ordering 2 heralds on juggs and the forgeworld thirster. I'm also missing some minor bits for conversion.

Finished my test model today. I'm pleased enough with it.