White Dwarf 359 Review

Sales Pimping Minimal (.75 of 1) We are really pitching the Fortress of redemption this month. Numerous paint ups and focal points on this piece of terrain. However, the issue does show alot of other games too! We've got a few Christmas wish list plugs here and there, but I was actually impressed.
Battle Report - (.25 of 1) YUCK! 23 pages of a war of the ring battle report.... seriously? 1/4th of the issue! No fantasy or 40k battle report.
Painting - (.75 of 1) Master class on the skaven demon. Very nice little tutorial on open source lighting. Pretty useful and good..
New Materials - (.5 of 1) Fortress of redemption is about it. A pretty lazy month.
Content - (.75 of 1) This issue is all over the place. The only new release is the Fortress of redemption, but you get a look back at what the folks from tale of 4 gamers are doing. You get glmpses of some space hulk and way too much War of the ring. Its a good issue though, since the whole things isn't just focused on this months flavor, only! Don't forget new stratagems for planet strike!
Modeling - (.75 of 1) Blanchitsu instead of standard bearer! Some great skaven conversions and a few other odds and end conversions! Not bad!
Tactica - (.25 of 1) A little bit of strategy regarding planet strike, but not much.
Scenery/Terrain - (.75 of 1) The fortress of redemption is neat and you get a paint up of an Empire Inn. They do a very nice job of showing you how to paint and weather the fortress. Pretty cool.
Excitement - (.75 of 1) I'm pretty happy with this issue. Better than the last 2 issues, and one of the first in a while I have actually taken the time to read through next to the bed. Lots of short one off articles.
Enjoyability - (.5 of 1) Its okay! This is not the worst issue to buy. I would have given it a better rating if 1/4th of the issue weren't a single war of the rings battle report!

Overall (6 of 10) - A decent issue worth picking up if you want something to read. I enjoyed the follow up to the tale of 4 gamers the most!