JR Miniatures WWII Terrain

I had a bit of an interesting project that I worked on this previous week. A buddy from work said his kid wanted a World War II battlefield for his green army men. I showed him around at The War Store and he ended up buying some JR Miniatures WWII Terrain. I told him that I would paint it up for him.

He ended up ordering about ten pieces of terrain and it only came out to about $50. I was a bit worried about the quality for the price. When it came in I was a bit shocked - the pieces are nice and heavy, not broken, and they looked pretty good. I will say that the casts were pretty clean - not any flash, but there were quite a few holes in the models.

I worked on this little project all week. One night I washed the pieces, the next they got primed, and then the next I hit them with a coat of Amond Krylon spraypaint.

Once I let the pieces cure for a day I broke out my Wal-Mart Applebarrell paints and got to work. I painted in the wood and dirt and then washed all the pieces with a nice thick coat of my wash that I brewed up. Once this was dry I went back over the sandbags with a light drybrushing of an off white and added the black to
the house to make it look like it had been on fire.

I was quite pleased with the way the pieces turned out. The slight casting imperfections were not noticable at all. I was happy with all the pieces but one - a sandbag wall that was built up out of the mud with some rocks - it just didn't 'pop' for me.

My 'client' was very pleased with the results and thinks his kid will be quite excited about them.