Hydra Dominatus!

Hello and welcome to the beginning of my weekly posts for the Legion. I have been playing Alpha Legion since I started back into 40k last year and have been working on them since then. As of right now I have 2k points painted but I want to get them up to over 5k painted. So let us begin today with what I have to do on my list.

So as you can see I have a ton to do. A Defiler, 10 Dark Angel Marines(to turn into Thousand Sons), a rhino, a 10 more Chaos Space Marines still on sprues. I have 2 Dreads to rebuild and repair with Forgeworld arms to put on them and a Land Raider to repair(not pictured). To paint right now I have 16 Zombies for lesser daemons, a Rhino, Vindicator, and Predator. This blog will go along with my journey to expanded the force to apocalypse levels with bigger items and more units.