Mid-November Rumor Roundup

Here is a collection of the freshest rumors from around the net -

From BOLS we have the latest Tyranid news -

The latest from the mill following up on the last set of Tyranid rumors:

-Release date is January 16th (apparently pushed back due to some manner of printing snafu)

-A new Tyranid Batallion box is listed on retailer schedules for December 5th oddly enough. Contents are currently unknown.

-Carnifex will be made to be more assaulty. The shooty buildouts are said to have been dropped in overall power.

-Many FOC options for Warriors based on buildouts.

-Genestealers are going to be reduced stat wise. Moved to Elites.

-Broodlord and Lictors will be much improved.

That is about all that is out for 40k right now. There are however a few tidbits floating in about what lies in store for Fantasy over the next several months.

Again from BOLS here is the first round of Beasts of Chaos Rumors -

Rumors brought to the community by Scryer in the Darkness and Grimgorironhide

Following up on earlier hints from Games Workshop, the first real rumor dumps of the Beast of Chaos armybook have arrived:

Scryer in the Darkness says:

Doombull (Metal Box) - TBD
Grulgor* (Metal Box) - TBD
Gors (Plastic Box) - TBD
Ungors (Plastic Box) - TBD
Bestigors (Plastic Box) - 32,50 €
Minotaurs (Plastic Box) - 35,00 €

And the Chariot got a new product code, though that may not necessarily mean it's getting a new model.

Gors (Plastic Box) - £15.00 / US?? / 19,50 € / Oz$41.00
Ungors (Plastic Box) - £15.00 / US?? / 19,50 € / Oz$41.00
Bestigors (Plastic Box) - £25.00 / US?? / 32,50 € / Oz$69.00
Minotaurs (Plastic Box) - £27.00 / US?? / 35,00 € / Oz$74.00

But the metal box codes are a bit muddied by the multitude of new codes for existing metal products that aren't actually going to to be getting new kits. I have three metal products that are "new", I'm pretty certain the first two are Doombull and Grulgor respectively, and I get the feeling that the £35 box is just the existing Centigors. So I'll just leave these unassigned for the moment until I can get a confirmation on what is actually new and what has just been given a new product code:

(Metal Box) - £15.00 / US$25.00 / 22,50 € / Oz$44.00
(Metal Box) - £25.00 / US$41.25 / 32,50 € / Oz$69.00
(Metal Box) - £35.00 / US$57.75 / 50,00 € / Oz$96.00

and Grimgorironhide adds:

"Not sure if already posted but I found this off warhammer forums.
"Beastmen due out at the start of March.
*** Herds/Ungors are still mixed and rank up 5 wide. Champions no longer confer a +1 LD bonus - however the majority of beast units and characters have went up 1 in LD.
*** Ambush is still available to the herds.
*** Minotaur lords are still available and have access to Beast mutations. Makes minotaurs core.
*** Chariots are now special choices but 2 for 1.
*** Centigors are core and fast cav however you still need to take gors/ungors/bestigors to fill up your core slots.
*** Gorgon is the new monster in the Rare spots.
*** Centigor Hero available
*** Beastlords with LD9"

The width issue is a no brainer to be fixed, I think we can take that as a given. I have also heard talk about different "breeds" of warhounds perhaps being available... I'm guessing this might be as simple as buying them poisoned attacks/regeneration/clown shoes and red noses etc etc.

I gather the roles of the Shaman and the Minotaurs will be expanded upon in this release.. makes sense and is, again, a kind of retrotastic move by GW back towards the RoC era fluff."

And in an announcement from GW we have the cover of the new Beastmen Army Book -

What really excites me about the Beastmen rumors is the talk of plastic Minotaurs. Man I love me some Minotaurs!

One more Fantasy rumor from over at Heresy-Online.net - Is 8th Edition on it's way?

Hi, Ive just heard rumours of 8th edition WFB coming out roughly this time next year, with a new starter set featuring Orcs and Empire, supposedly with Plastic Boar Boyz. This will again time in with 8th edition Orcs and Goblins with maybe kits like Boar boyz and squigs( I hope ) getting plasticised and probably, like space marines for 40k a new edition for Empire some time after.

Again, this is only rumour, yet rumours, other than the DP kit, seem to be very reliable as of late ( I can remember back 2 years them saying that there would be Daemons>Dark Elves>Warriors of Chaos>Lizardmen>Skaven then Beastmen and thats accurate so far

In my opinion this is good news, although as much as I love O&G id rather see Bretonnia and Wood Elves + Tomb Kings ( although am I right in saying that TK may come after beasts? ) get some nice treatment

I seem to be seeing a bit more traction for an 8th edition of WHFB around the net. At this point it is a lot of speculation but I keep hearing talk about moving away from a straight pitched battle and moving more towards how 5th edition 40k handles it - objectives and kill points.

I am not sure how I feel about this not having been a serious Fantasy player for several years now but I just don't know how well kill points would work in Fantasy. So much of that game is bait units and sacrificing units to set up sneaky charges that it would really change the metagame to go this way. I could see two objective based scenarios and one pitched battle type being pretty cool. Maybe one or two different setups but we will just have to wait and see how they handle it.

And finally from over at WarSeer we have some early speculation on Necrons coming out next summer -

hi guys,

so when i went to GD italy I talked a thing like 10 mins with Alessio Cavatore and I asked him about codex necron if I could expect it for 2010 for august this is what he said to me ' not immediatly but yes it will come out' then when Alessio was doing the public presentation a guy near me asked ' why do you do Tyranids and BA and you don't look to races that really need a codex as necrons?' after this question there has been a general applause of about 30 seconds. Alessio so responded this 'well we did tyranids because as a miniature range they needed a re-pass necrons as miniatures aren't so bad (not true) but we are putting them as one of the races with the top priority so you could expect them'

So after this day I had a complete confirmation of necrons being released in 2010 (because GW works with a year of anticipation so Alessio was basically saying they are working on them whilst he was talking with me because if not he would have said not possibly or things like that) and partial confirmation of necrons in the summer but the rumor wasn't so solid ot post it in the GD italy topic.

Now I have a solid rumor to be posted in the rumor section, one of these days a guy who is a big piece of Gw italy came to my local GW store because he would have worked there for that day. I talked with him for some mins and he said to me that at a meeting he had in the past days with a GW UK head he could say that necrons will be released in summer between june and july.

So I cannot confirm with the perfect confidence but at a pretty 90% we could expect the necrons this summer and this is no more whishlist but a true and solid final rumor. I'm having my fingers crossed till another 100% confirmation will come out.
Take this one with a big grain of salt. I do keep hearing more and more on the Necrons though. Hard to tell if it is wishful thinking or if there really is something behind it.

That is just about all that is floating around right now. I expect the Tyranid rumors to start flowing in pretty quick in a few weeks and then Beastmen after that so it should be an exciting next few months.