First Fantasy Game in Seven Years - Ogres vs. Chaos Warriors

Well, it has been a long time coming but we finally got in a game of Warhammer Fantasy. Jester brought over his Chaos Warriors that he has been working on to face off versus my Ogres.

I brought a standard magic Ogre army - 3xButcher 1xTyrant (w/ Tenderizer) and he brought a fast Chaos Warrior army - 2xMaruader Horsemen, 2xKnights, Lvl4 Wiz, 3xlvl2 Wiz, 2xWarriors, 2xMarauders, 1xGiant.

I think I set up pretty good. I had my units of Ironguts and my one unit of Bulls across the middle of the board with a Scraplauncher dead center. I had my two units of Leadbelchers on either end of my army to help with flanks. I also had my two Gorgers in reserve to run on to the board.

I deployed first and got first turn. On turn one my Gnoblar Trappers rolled bicker so they just stood there. So much for march blocking and harassing a unit of Knights. I moved forward but kept everything out of charge range except my two units of Leadbelchers - I was hoping he would charge with his knights and I would be able to stand and shoot. My magic was pretty much shut down - I didn't get any spells off that had an effect. My Scraplauncher failed to cause any wounds in the shooting phase.

On Jesters first turn he didn't charge anything but moved forward to set up a few charges next turn with his Knights and Marauder horsemen. I shut down most of his magic taking only a single wound from Bubous on my Tyrant.

My next turn is where things started to come unraveled for me. The Gnoblars rolled bicker again - another turn of them not doing anything. I declared two charges - one against each of his Marauders on horseback. He fled with both and moved far enough that I didn't catch them. This left me hanging for a charge from a unit of Chaos Nights head on and a unit of Chaos Warriors in the flank.

In my magic phase I got of Tooth Cracker on a unit of Leadbelchers in front of a unit of five knights. In my shooting phase I unloaded with both units of Leadbelchers. The unit without Toothcracker put down one knight and the other unit put down three - things were looking up on that side of the battlefield. My Ccraplauncher rolled misfire and the shot landed on the lobber but failed to wound it or the unit of bulls next to it.

In Jesters next turn he charged both units of Leadbelchers with Chaos Knights, one unit ofIironguts with his Warriros in the flank, and another unit of Ironguts with a giant. Each of these units had a Butcher in them. The knights put down the unit of Leadbelchers without Toothcracker and over ran into the unit of Ironguts that had been hit in the flank by the unit of warriors. That unit then fell to the combined might of the two units assaulting it and was ran down. The giant yelled and bawled and I lost combat by two. Luckily I was close enough to the tyrant that I got to use his leadership and they stayed in combat. The two Leadbelchers with Toothcracker lost combat but stayed because they were stubborn.

On my next turn I finally got to move my Gnoblars. They assaulted the unit of marauders in the middle of the board in the flank while the Scraplauncher and unit of Ironguts with Tyrant hit the front. I was down two Butchers so my magic phase was uneventful, as was the shooting since all my units that could shoot where dead or in hand to hand. The giant thumped with club and my Butcher died, I failed to do any wounds and broke from combat and was ran down. My Tyrant, Ironguts, Scraplauncer, and Gnoblars won comabt and the unit of Marauders auto-broke because of fear. I ran them down but failed to over run into another unit. My Gorger hit a unit of Marauder horsemen but failed to break them and took three wounds in return. The lone Leadbelcher held in combat for another turn.

Jesters next turn would be our last. He charged my unit of Ironguts with Tyrant in the flank with a unit of Chaos Warriors. He had a stout magic phase getting of Rot Glorious Rot (I didn't use my last dispel scroll because I was losing badly and wanted to see how bad it was for future games) - it put down my Gorger and killed half the Gnoblars but didn't wound the Ogres - good to know for the future. He didn't have much in the line of shooting because I had very few units left - only one unit that wasn't in combat. He put down the last Leadbelcher and killed off an Ogre with his Chaos Warriors.

At this point I called the game as it was getting late and I was thoroughly whipped.

Even though I took an absolute beating I had a blast. The Ogres were very fun to play with and I learned a LOT. I had forgotten about how important bait and flee was and how setting up flank charges can make or break you. We were both a bit underwhelmed by our magic. He had taken a very magic offensive setup and I had a very magic defensive set up so we both kind of canceled each other out in the magic phase. We also both had very little shooting so it came down to hand to hand.

Even though Ogres are big and bad - Chaos Warriors are no slouches in hand to hand. Couple that with a few flank charges and I didn't have a chance.