ZUZZY Terra-Flex Mat - Sample Review

A few weeks back I got in my sample swatches of the Zuzzy Terra-Flex Mat. I have to say that so far I am really impressed by this product.

It was way thinner than I was expecting. For some reason I thought a mat like this would be really thick but this stuff is super thin and really flexible. They say a 4x6 mat will roll up to the size of an umbrella and I believe it after getting these samples in.

I ordered three different samples and they have pretty different textures on them.


This is the one that I was least impressed with - the moorlands. It just looks a bit messy to me. The texture is very rough and it is a bit on the bright-green side.

Scourged Forest
This mat looks tons better than the moorlands. I like the little details that they have worked into it like sticks and rocks. Also a lot smoother than the previous mat.

Sulfur Wastes
Now we're talking! My favorite of the bunch was the Sulfur Wastes mat. It has a very post-apocalyptic feel to it. Very flat and looks good as-is with no paint but would look SICK painted up properly. I just may have a go at ordering one of these.