Rumor Mill - Blood Angels

Looks like the rumors are starting to fly about what is coming after Tyranids. It looks like it is going to be Blood Angels.

Here is what the tubes are saying -

From Bolter and Chainsword -

here we go:

-The BA 'dex is DONE and complete already.

-New conversion kits similar to the ones made for the space wolves. These kits are said to be EXTRAORDINARY (I mean.. beautiful!), with a level of detail similar to that of the models in space hulk (or even better). (PS this seems quite certain, it has been confirmed by my local GW seller, who also stated some big news about BA may be revealed at the italian games day).

SOME informations about the rules

-The codex will allow the player to field a top notch assault army: assault squads will be a troop choice, with options similar to those of the new gray hunters in the SW dex: 2Xspecial weapons and no heavy weapons at all (of course). Sergents will be similar to those of the SM dex (more options: tunder hummer, LC and such).

- a psionic power called "vortex of blood", or something like that, will give the caster a CC attacks bonus equal to the number of models in base contact (or even in combat radius?! but it would be too powerful..)

-New indipendent characters.

I can't assure these rumors are true, of course. I just TRIED to translate them in english and posted them here.

Ah, date of release: march, after the tyrs.
And from GameHeadz -

Breaking Codex News....Blood Angels after nids , and that is only half the story!

Bolter and Chain Sword have some "leaks" on the new Blood Angel codex due in March or April of next year.

Normally with how tight GW is now on ANY release that is a major coupe.
Word is that the Italian GD MAY have some stuff sneaking out. Word is Assault troops as... well Troops and the army is VERY Assaulty ( no offense, every one should have expected this like the flu and college football in the fall). Psy powers take a decidedly Vamperic/ Bloody undertone.
The Boxes should follow the mark set by the Space wolves. Major upgrade box to modify every thing , then a couple stand alones ( Baal Pred in all plastic? Death Co in plastic? Furiso Derad?) with new and re-released Hq's to boot.

So you would think I'm done.... nope not by a long shot.
The codex is not a Blood Angel codex, but the Blood Angels are just HALF of the new dex!
It was leaked out by about 1 of 2 of the most spot on sources at Warser today. There are 3-4 people that I trust for rumors, and 2 of them are 99.9% correct since I started playing this bloody game, and this came from one of them. They made the call on Space Hulk ( most people laughed at them) and Ig about 6-9 months out, ditto on the nids.

So No word on the other half, but I have had some people mention that Dark Angels would return a lot sooner than most thought. If it is the Dark angels , I would expect them to return to the Shootyness we all loved before. So they would be the Ying to the blood Angels Yang... ( shooty vs. assaulty). So ANGELS OF DEATH to make a Return? Makes sense....

Also knocking 2 marines out that have a fairly big cult following leaves room for more Xenos later in the year. This might make DE and cron players happy, but I'd think the Blue skin techno users or space elves players may be happier ;) ...

I would not count out the Black Templars though... I've been hearing stuff about them too.

And finally a prediction from our very own WildEyedJester a while back -

As I have been pondering Space Hulk, I continue to return to the price that GW paid to have the sprue molds cast for the terminators and gene stealers in the base game. With a price tag of 10's of thousands of dollars for a plastic mold, you have to wonder what GW was thinking when they had the Blood Angels and Tyranid sprue cast for a one time game that they guarantee will not be reprinted. Well I have a theory....

Do you remember the space wolf model with lightning claws that preceded the wolves codex by about a year? It was released right about the time of the Vanilla marines codex. It was an odd timing and I think GW is trying out some new marketing 'fishing' methods. They drop a cool looking mini or series of them about a year in advance, and people start thinking..... 'Man if they revamp that army later down the line I will have to pick up the rest of them'. Just subconsciously GW has got you making an investment down the road. This is the same thing that At&t does with its cheap phones, and this is what xbox does when they take a loss on xbox and etc. They plan on making money in other ways ala services, add ons or etc.

Well now we have a sprue of bad arse looking gene stealers and blood angels terminators. What could GW possibly have to gain by making such an investment in the game? What is the next codex out? Nids! And guess what? You have a bunch of cool models lying around already! And my money says, what marine codex should you expect next? Blood Angels! And that goes right along with my theory that every other army will be a SM army to continue to milk them for ongoing profits. I would all but guarantee you will see those sprues again. The cardboard and game itself? No way, but the plastics will be back probably in the grey we know and love.

What do you guys think?