Possible Liber Chaotica Re-Release

Here is something interesting -

Liber Chaotica

The four dark powers of Chaos that terrorize the Warhammer world, are brought to life in words and art in this massive collected edition of a now legendary series of background books. This book is the most in-depth examination available of the terrible Chaos powers that so threaten the Warhammer Old World. Each of the four Chaos powers is examined in fascinating detail. As well as the classic material, more secrets are revealed for the first time, which every Warhammer fan will be desperate to know.

  • This product is available for pre-order and will be released on the 17th of October.
Looks like a collected re-release of the Liber Chaotica books that were out a few years back. Been wanting to get my hands on those but they are crazy expensive on eBay.

What do you think? Maybe this is going to be announced at Games Day Spain this weekend?

Edit - Looks like I am late to the party on this one. From the comments -
Rogue Pom said...

That release has been confirmed in the Black Library Previews Catalogue September - December 2009.

It is scheduled for release in November 2009 at $50 USD, $30 GBP, $69 CAD, and $90 AUS.

Kuffeh said...

The compilation of all of the separate books were available at GD UK this year. I actually have the four separate books for each god, but the compiled one also has an Undivided section.

Good reads.