Oh Billy, Billy

Had a couple friendly games with Will this Saturday and thought I would recap some of the excitement. Both games were 1850.

First game was Eldar mech against Chaos Marines for kill points. My Eldar came out ahead due to being the shifty space elves they are and hard to catch despite the three defilers and two demon princes Will threw at me. I was impressed how well the Eldar tanks and bikes did, although they require more finesse and patience than I am used to with my nids. Fortune on a bike unit with a Farseer, Warlock and Autarch is a bitch to take down at range.

Second game was my Chaos Marines against Will's Demons. He started strong with good rolls but my marines made a come-back in later turns. The mission was objectives and Will managed to capture three - getting the victory. All the action took place in one quadrant, making it easy for two units of horrors to go objective shopping.

The MVP for both games, in my opinion was Billy, the Bloodthirster. Weighing in at 270pts, he needs to thump some skulls to earn his points back. Oh man did he in this one.

He started off with an appetizer of Khorne Bezerkers who even got the charge in on Billy. In two assault phases, they were red smears in the dirt. Billy then proceeded to take offense to some Chosen who outflanked some Fiends nearby. Two more assault phases and the Chosen were no more. Billy was just hitting his stride when he dropped in on a unit of marines (working over another unit of fiends - who really must be dealt with if you have faced them before) The only thing the marines managed to do was to entertain Billy with their innards. By turn five, Billy was getting tired but managed to heft his axe and whip long enough to prevent some plague marines from embarking on a passing rhino headed out of town. Two assault phases and the plague marines were history. The last one managing to die by missing his saves due to his fearlessness of the Billy.

To wrap up, at 270 pts, one model is challenged to earn those points back. Today, Billy managed to earn 801 points single-handed. Very impressive. Hat's off to you, Billy the Bloodthirster. Today was definitely your day.