Fortress of Redemption + Mega Sets + More

These pics have been floating around the net for a few days and I thought I would share them here. Pictures from Dakka.

This is the piece that I am most excited about - the Fortress of Redemption. We have been seeing bits and pieces of this thing for over a year now, going all the way back to the fifth edition army book. Hopefully this is priced in line with the Bastion and Skyshield. I can see it being $10 more than the Skyshield and selling well. But it looks like it is going to go for about 70 Euros so that will most likely be about 90-100 US, in line with the Stompa and Bane Blade. Not sure I will be picking one up for that price.

Here we have a bit of Greenskin love. The price on this is 170 euros so that is probably going to end up being about $240 US. That isn't that bad of a deal - there are $120 worth of bikes, about $30 for a truck, and maybe another $100 for the boyz. Looks like you save a bit. Would be good if you are wanting to start an Ork force or expand the one you currently have. I am on the fence on this one - will have to wait and see what the final US price is since I already have a gob of boys sitting around.
And here we have the good ole standby - Space Marines. This looks like it says 100 Pounds and 130 Euros - so that puts us about about $175 by my estimates. If that is the case it should be a pretty good deal.
And now we get to the stuff that I am not too sure about. If you are in the market for a miniature case these might tickle your fancy but for me I am going to be sticking with Sabol and Battlefoam. The price ends up being pretty close and for me the quality of the Battlefoam and the custimization of the Sabol foam just puts it way above the GW cases and foam. I used the GW cases back in the day for my skeletons and they were always a mess. I would break some putting them in the case, and break some taking them out of the case. Just gave me a bad taste for GW foam.

What catches my interest here is the White Dwarf model - really going to have to try and pick that one up some how.