Easy Combi-Melta Conversion

Here is a neat conversion that is easy to do and pretty usefuel.

I wanted a Combi-Melta for some Marines that I am working on. I have seen several really neat tutorials on making some really nice Combi-Meltas out of Bolters and plastic Meltaguns. I was looking at the sprue with the Meltagun on it and was deciding on how I would convert it when I saw a bolt pistol. I got to looking at it and it looked like it would fit right on top of the Meltagun body if I trimmed it just right.

A few strokes of the worlds sharpest xacto later and it was set.

This was an easy conversion and it turned out pretty nice. The good thing about it is since the Boltgun part is so small I should have no problem sneaking it into a list as a regular Meltagun.