Wax Seal Mold

A while back Jester made up some Wax Seals for The Hogs of War. We took em with us to The Big Waaagh and they were a big hit.  You can see one of the wax seals in the lower right hand corner of his board.

Everything was going well with them until one fateful day when I went down to play a game in Springdale. I threw my army in my car and left out from work to head down there. When I got there I started unpacking my case and something was amiss. As I unzipped my case I smelled strawberries.

I was wondering what was going on and when I got my case fully unzipped I realized what had happened - my wax seal had melted inside my case (Jester had used strawberry scented wax.)

My heart sank when I saw what had happened - it was all down the front of my foam. I carefully started pulling the foam out to assess the damage and I got really lucky. I had laid a piece of bubble wrap on top of the stack of foam to keep the seal from breaking and it kept the wax from getting on my models.

The good news was that my models were fine, but my seal was toast.

Since I have been toying around with resin casting a bit I decided that I would fix this problem so it wouldn't happen again - I would cast the seal out of resin.

I broke out my Legos, modelling clay, and a spare wax seal that we had laying around. I glued to seal down to a piece of plasticard and built up a wall of Lego and sealed it with clay.

I then mixed up my RTV Silicon that I bought at Hobby Lobby and poured it over the seal.

Here is where things got a bit tricky. Jester had 'painted' the seal with Devlan Mud to give it some depth and shading. When I went to pull the mold off of the seal it left a TON of the wash in the mold. I tried washing it out but it just wouldn't come. It also ruined the seal - it was wax and it just fell all apart as I pulled it out - not a big deal but you wouldn't want to do it with your only one.

I tried washing the wash remnants out but they just wouldn't budge. I figured oh well and mixed up some resin and poured it in. When I pulled out the resin seal all the junk came with it. The seal was unusable - tons of crap stuck to it - but the mold was clear and future casts have been spot on.

Hope this will of use to someone as I learned a lot from doing it. This stuff is a bit temperamental but the more you do it the easier it gets and the more your results improve.

If there is an interest, I can let you know how I made the original seals out of wax and how I got the letters greenstuffed on, along with what I used for the parchment and etc. ~Wildeyejester