September Rumor Round-up

Looks like there were quite a few good rumors out this month. Here is a recap -

Here is a juicy tid-bit from over at BOLS concering some future Forge World releases -
"I asked Forgeworld about xeno stuff such as: Ad-Mech, Knights and Eldar. They are very enthusiastic about that whole Ad-Mech stuff, but they said it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Eldar were mentioned as playing a role in IA-9.

Forgeworld said they have no plans for the mighty Phantom titan. Moving onto the remaining Eldar superheavy tanks (Void Spinner, Stormserpent), they mentioned that they are planning to make the Void Spinner, but if they ever get around doing the Storm Serpent it would probably a completely different design. So the current scoop is Void Spinner-likely, Storm Serpent-not.

Turning towards Ad-Mech Knights, it was said they were looking into making some Imperial ones but their overall design would likely be altered from the "Barony stuff" from Epic to a smaller support titan concept for the titan legions. I gather they intend to make one. Eldar Knights were ruled out as highly improbable.
Here is another rumor from BOLS about the upcoming codex/army book releases. I have seen the Beasts of Chaos mentioned a few other times around the web so this one looks like it is gaining traction. -
From the latest White Dwarf:
"If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise...Especially if it's one of the dark forests that cover the Old World"

That would seem to corroborate with what we've been hearing of Beasts of Chaos being the first Fantasy book out of the gate with the new year (with some nice new plastic sets of beasties).

That would put the overall Games Workshop schedule looking roughly like this:

November: Skaven
February: Tyranids
March: Beasts of Chaos
After March ???: Blood Angels/Necrons (conflicting chatter)

The next Imperial Armor book looks like it is going to be Orks/Elsyians with all of the Orky Goodness that is coming out of Forge World Lately.

Here is a post from Warseer that helps confirm this rumor -
After chatting to the Forgeworld guys at games day, I have been told that the next Imperial Armour book will feature Raven Guard and Orks

The Ork range is already appearing as we speak

Raven Guard models will include:
Venerable dreadnought
At least 2 characters
Possibly scouts (not definite)
Almost certainly transfers (at last!)

ETA is approximately 4 months, so likely to be just into the new year.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to it, as Raven Guard are my main marine chapter.

The general consensus is that Necrons will be out next year - probably late - but before Dark Eldar. I have seen this in several places across the web.

Tyranid Rumors are starting to pop up. Here is a post from the BOLS Lounge that has been reposted in several places -

So far info is not of the solid type.

General Infomation

To be realeased early next year, possibly January or Feburary.
Written by Robbin Cruddance, and is already completed.

New Units
4 whole new races never before seen, one of them larger than the carnifex and also a plastic Trygon. More coming in second wave according to rumors.

Special characters, such as Old One Eye and possibly the Red Terror, will return. These will be survivors of wars and also have been mutated, instead of indurviduals.

Many people are saying they will be a plastic Hive Tyrant kit (with wings).

Malanthrope may be a new HQ choice.

Hormagaunts to be seperated from other gaunts as a box set.
According to Xas Hormagaunts will be 6 points and normal Gaunts 3 points including Without Number (WON). Hormagaunts will be able to buy WON for the same cost as the current Termigaunts.

A new broodlord was spotted at Games-Workshop design studio open day. (Any pictures will be appreciated).
Also according to Xas Genestealers are going to be elite unless you take a Broodlord.

More anti-tank weaponary.

The Plastic Trygon may have bits to make a Trygon or a Zoanthroph. Something else is also possibly buildable from the kit. More on that as i get info.

Plastic Gargolyes.

Warriors to be improved. Again Xas says that they will be avilable in every slot. Wings will them Fast Attack, a Tyrant as a HQ makes them troops, heavy support have +1t, +1sv and each can take a "heavy" weapon.

Possible new Biovore.

Possible new more powerful psyker.

Catachan Devils?

Did I leave any out?