Last Chance to Win a free character WFB or 40k!

That's right!  Tomorrow marks the World Wide War and we are stoked to run it in our area.

To make matters better, upon its conclusion we will be using to generate a winner for our biggest contest to date.  You can get all the details you need on how to win a 5 man space marine squad or character of your choice here! 

Its both simple and painless to get in on the chances to win.  If your number comes up, you get to pick any character under $20 and we will send it to you.  We will even paint it for you if you want!

Don't want the character?  Thats cool too.  You can instead choose a painted 5 man space marine squad to your color specifications or a mini rulebook and templates!  How can you go wrong?

Good Luck Guys!