Imperial Fists - The Yellow Secret Sauce

In my last post you heard me talking about the Secret Sauce for painting yellow and how awesome it was. Well you've heard about it, and now I'm gonna share it with you.

Here is how it was passed down to me at The Big Waaagh -

  • Krylon Golden Yellow spray paint
  • Minway Pecan Polyurethane wood varnish
  • Matte Sealer
That's it.

I know what you are thinking - that is too easy. I was a bit skeptical at first too. If I hadn't seen the results up close I probably never would have tried this method.

With my shopping list in hand I set out to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowes looking for the above ingredients. I finally ended up buying everything at Wal-Mart so don't worry about the other places.

I couldn't find Golden Yellow at my Wal Mart so I went with a few different colors and did some tests.

Here are some shots of the Krylon Fusion Plastic Yellow that I found and below that is a Rustoleum yellow that I picked up. In these pictures they have been dipped in the Minwax varnish. But before dipping I did a host of tests. I had a bunch of Rhino interiors laying around so those were my test models.

I tried spraying straight yellow on them, I tried it over black primer, and I tried it over white primer. In the end the Krylon Fusion sprayed over white primer won. The Rustoleum did just a bit better on not covering up the details, but the dip performed better on the Krylon so I used it instead.

Here is the varnish that I am using - I had a bit of confusion on buying this stuff but you want one that has some polyurethane in it. That is what helps add the depth.

Now you may be wondering why I am using a dip. Why don't I just wash it with sepia or devlan mud? Well here is the answer -

It looked really bad when I tried it. This picture does not do it justice as to how bad my washing attempts turned out.

Up till now these pieces are really nothing special to look at. They look dipped. If that is what you are going for - great. Stop here. But! If you are like me you don't want a model that looks like it was dipped then carry on with the last ingredient - Testors Dullcote.

This stuff is amazing.

I have always heard that this stuff will knock the shine off of a model. As I sprayed it on my test piece I was thinking - yeah right, still looks shiny to me. I let it dry for a minute or two and then went to look at it. I was floored. There was absolutely NO shine on this thing.

Usually I like a bit of shine on my models but there is also something charming about one that is just absolutely flat.

So there it is. You now know the secret sauce. If anyone tries this or has a simliar recipe be sure to post something in the comments! I would love to hear from you.