Horde Trays

Playing a huge foot slogging army in a tournament can be a real pain. Not only do you have to physically move 100 or so models each turn, but it drags on your time limit and almost makes giant armies a non viable choice in major tournaments. Litko seems to be making a go at countering that, to a certain point. They have made a series of horde trays to help expediate 40k movement. I think this is a great idea, but what if you need to spread your models out to a 2" coherency when you are facing a ordnance heavy army? I suppose if you are fielding a actual foot ork army, you really can't spread them out past a certain point.

You can get about 10 of these 5 man trays for 25.00. Not a bad price. Check them out here:

Anyway, check out the pic. What do you guys think? 40k movement trays - a good product or not?