GW Moonscape Finished

I picked this Moonscape set up at Castle House Games for a pretty cheap sum of money considering GW's usual prices.  I was looking for more area terrain for use in our own games and also for on the local tournament scene.

It didnt take very long at all to paint it.  I primed them a black color and then oversprayed them with a pair of brown spray paints.  From there I took Graveyard earth and a great big fat hobby paint brush and drybrushed them like crazy.  Then I applied a pretty liberal dry brushing of bleached bone.  I took some cheap black paint (folk art or apple barrel) and painted the edges black to help clearly denote the edge of the area terrain.  Then I sealed them heavily with matte varnish.  My general rule of thumb is that on terrain you want about 3X the varnish covering as you would on game play models.

The board they are sitting on is a piece of ceiling tile leftover/replaced from a school ceiling tile.  I find it great for basecoating, primering, and spray painting my models on.

In all this was about a 1 hour project and cost me less than $30.00 for 5 rugged and lasting pieces of terrain.