Eldar Wraithlord Conversions

The wraithlord is just, well, so upright and rigid. For wraithlord number 2, I had a very particular pose in mind and I was determined to bring the next miniature to life. My first Wraithlord was holding the standard, so he needed to be upright, but I wanted the next to be creeping forward like it was going to sneak up on something and attack it from behind.

So I set off on an experiment with how to re-do its legs. Here is what I did:

1. I cut the legs just above the knee covering. I used my razor saw and it didn't take much work to break the leg free from the cover. I went ahead and cut straight down to the point where it met with the under suit on the back of the knee

2. Then, using my razor saw I cut a notch out of the back of the leg. With the cut in the front and the back, the leg was easy to bend. However just a bit too much bending actually snapped the leg apart. It wasn't a big deal, as it actually made positioning them easier!

3. This broke pretty easily apart when I started fooling with it. I fixed it by drilling small pinning holes in both pieces and gluing in a paperclip pin. I needed to pin it anyway or else the leg never would have supported the weight of the model.
Next Time I will show you the pose I went for with #2. The whole key to getting the models in a more dynamic pose was just a repositioning of the legs!