Conversion - Inquisitor Severina and Sevora Devout

After playing several games using Soul Grinders with my Chaos Daemons I have decided to try out multiple Daemon Princes instead.

For a long time I have been eying Severina and Sevora Devout from the Inquisitor line. I have always though these would make great Daemon Prince models. Since Games Workshop has had free shipping the last couple of months I decided to pick them up and have a go and some conversion work.

Since all good Daemon Princes need wings I decided to add a pair of Dark Pegasus wings to these models.

The first step was to cut the wings down just a bit so they would fit on the back of the model right. I used my jewelers saw to get a nice clean cut on the wings.

After that I used my power drill to put some holes in the wings -

And in the back of the model -

Once that was done it was fairly simple to use a pin to get the wings in place and glue the rest of the model together.

In these pictures it looks a bit wonky as far as the angles go. It all works out though because her back is arched back quite a ways. Looking at it in person it isn't so severe.

I plan on following these steps on the other model (they come two to a pack - bargain!) but I am going to put the wings spread on her back - that should help them stand out a bit since they are basically the same model.