Aumbdss the Chaplain

 I played a fun game against necrons the other night.  No C'tan and no monoliths.  Just bucketloads of necrons, led by a pair of lords with scythes and a bunch of destroyers.  I must report about a series of unfortunate events that happened in this battle.  It seems that my Blood Angels have found themselves the worlds worst chaplain.  Some of you may remember the story of the worst chaplain that ever lived in this post:

Well I only thought he was dead.  He and his inferior skills at leadership and combat came back full force in this game.  You see he was in his rhino with 7 death company and on the first turn they turbo charged their engines across the board.  It put them in position for a 2nd turn charge.  However on the necrons turn he charged my rhino with a lord in a big unit of scarabs and managed to imobilize the rhino.  The scarabs and lord were also in the way of the rest of his army, so the chaplain lept from the rhino and lead the DC against the scarab/lord unit, pissed that they had scratched his ride.

In all the chaplain and DC won combat by 17.  The 2 remaing scarab swarms died due to the fearlessness saves, and the lord had to take 5 saves himself.  He failed one leaving him with one wound.

Next combat, the Chaplain goes before the lord and makes his 4 powerweapon attacks.  He hits easy enough but needs 6's to wound him. No wounds get through, and as a result the Necron Lord cuts down 2 DC with no saves possible.  Bad News.  Maybe next round.

This continues on for FOUR rounds, and neither the DC nor the chaplain were able to kill the stinking lord.  I was actually losing combat with the DC against a necron lord by himself!  It continued on until all the DC were dead at the Lords feet, and the Chaplain was about to get owned, but my DC dread arrived on the scene just in time and quickly squashed the Lord, allowing the chaplain to flee back to the safety of another nearby rhino.

So this evening I have some bad news.  Aumbdss the Chaplain is out there.  He may strike at anytime.  I have a feeling he is lurking somewhere on the planet of baal waiting for his next opportunity to lead more blood angels to their deaths.

You have been warned!