Wife Tactica #2: Keeping it all together

My wife is pretty okay with my hobby.... usually. The only time it falls apart is when I have my stuff all over the place. It also becomes an issue with my 19 month old daughter. Its generally not a good situation when she finds paints, brushes, flock, glue, pin vises, x-actos, etc.

Now, I prefer to do my painting on our kitchen nook table. There are a pair of big bay windows right next to it that lets a lot of natural light filter in. However, this is the same table that my little girl eats breakfast at. I figured out pretty quickly that I had to have a solution to keep all of my stuff up, out of site, and out of reach.

This is how I organize my hobby supplies:
I keep my paints and brushes in the top two drawers. I bought the above wheeled organizer at Wal-Mart for about $20.00 and it works perfectly. The drawers come easily in and out, and I can sandwich it in the corner next to our china cabinet. With the drawers toward the cabinet my daughter can't get them open so she can't get into things she shouldn't be in. Additionally, I have organized the drawers by what I am working on at the time:



Scenery/Terrain/Project Paints:

Conversions for Vehicles Box:

How do you guys keep your stuff organized?