Review - The Worlds Sharpest Exacto Knife

Let me tell you about my hobby knife. All other hobby knives pale in comparison to mine. My hobby knife will cut through plastic like a knife through butter. If you are trapped in a wrecked car you do not need the Jaws-of-Life - I will come cut you out with my hobby knife.

At least this is what I was lead to believe by the guy selling me this hobby knife at The Big Waaagh.

We were doing a bit of shopping down at the vendors. I had picked up a couple of Drop Pods and was walking around with them and one of the vendors asked if I was going to be doing any conversion work on them. He said that if I was I should pick up a Gale Force 9 Hobby Knife.

He went on about how sharp it was and how it would glide through the plastic. I didn't pick one up but later went back by and made the purchase. The rest of the crew gave me no end of grief about my 'Worlds Sharpest X-Acto Knife.' I figured if it worked half as good as the guy selling it said it would be worth the seven bucks.

Fast forward a few days and I am back home. I break out my hobby knife and start to work on some Space Marines I have been piddling around with. I take out the GF9 Knife and compare it to my $1 Hobby Town brand knife. They look about the same but you can see some difference in the blade. The GF9 Blade has larger area that is 'sharp.' It looks like it is a bit steeper resulting in a sharper blade.

As far as cutting power goes they are pretty close but the GF9 blade does perform better. If you have done a lot of work with a hobby knife you can tell that this one is indeed sharper. I don't know about going through plastic like butter but there is a definite difference.

I think where this blade is really going to show its worth is going to be in longevity and hardness. I trimmed some flash off of some metal models and it doesn't even have a notch in the blade.

One thing of note is that these blades are sharp. The guy selling it was very adamant about me understand how sharp it is and that it would mangle my flesh if I wasn't careful.

As you can see I didn't listen close enough. I got lucky when I slipped and it just grazed the side of my finger. That is band-aid number three, the first two soaked through. So yeah, don't mangle yourself with this thing.

Overall I would say that the purchase is worth it. These are a better quality hobby knife and the holder isn't bad to boot. For only $7 it is worth picking up.