Ork Week - Conversion - Nob Bikers

Behold the thunder of the Ork Army - NOB BIKERZ! These are one of the stoutest units in all of Warhammer 40k and I wanted to do em justice.

After reading over and over and over again about how stout these guys are I modeled up a small unit of six of these bad boys. I have used them in a few games and they have performed the way that everyone says the do - murderously.

I have them all armed up differently to take advantage of wound allocation. I have three Power Klaws in the unit along with two Kombi Flamers and a Boss Pole. This makes the unit very hard to get rid of with small arms fire and their 4+ Exhaust Cloud cover save gives em a chance against high strenght/low ap shots as well.

And here is the model that pushes the unit over the top - The Pain Boy!

I built this guy using bits out of the Burna/Loota box. Here is his 'Urty Syringe that I built out of a Kustom Mega Blasta and a bit of plastic tubing.

All good docs need a surgical mask -

These guys were crazy fun to build and are a blast on the table. I used two boxes of War Bikerz and a box of Plastic Nobs. I am really glad it was all plastic as there was a ton of cutting and fiddling to get everything to fit. I wanted the bases to stand out so I ordered some bases from Dragon Forge Design. The bases ended up being larger than a regular Games Workshop base but that is ok - these are Nob Bikerz - no weedy bases from them. This will also help them stand out if I ever expand and add in some regular War Bikerz.

This unit could be a bit over the top but I try to keep it civil with them. I don't run two squads of ten of these guys with warbosses - I don't like all me eggs in one basked. I find that a unit of six is a nice balance of points to murder ratio. They are tough enough to deal with anything in the game, but my opponent doesn't have to turn his whole army on them to have a hope of putting them down. The new Imperial Guard codex also has a few tricks that can completely neuter these guys in about one turn so that is another reason to not pin all your hopes and dreams on them.