Ork Week - Conversion - Lootas

Lootas are one of my favorite units in the Ork Codex that I just can't get to work for me. I have fielded them in about every game that I have played but they have yet to really perform for me.

When I played Orks at Patriot Games last year I absolutely got opened up on by a few units of Lootas. I think my problem is that I am only fielding one unit of them. I am going to have to beef up their numbers to where I can try fielding more than one unit of them.

The Loota/Burna box is a really neat kit. It has lots of awesome bits in it and it lets you make a total of 4 lootas and 4 burnas if you have some extra bodies. But that is also a bit of a problem - each box only makes 4 of each. This problem is easily overcome though. The solution - conversions.

Lootas are really easy to convert. All you need is a good medium to large sized gun and a few extra bits and you are good to go. As you can see from the pics above I just used a few standard guns I had laying around and then glued on a flamer tank or two, a IG Vox caster, and some guitar wire and they are good to go.

Another model that you can sneak in to boost your Loota horde is the regular Big Shoota and Rocket Launcha models. I usually bolster my number by one or two with these guys and they fit in great. If anyone asks just say they are still building up their kit.