Ork Week - Beating the Tide

Part 1

Anyone from my gaming group knows I despise orks! In honor of ork week I’ve decided to smear their green name all ova da place by writing a series of tactica on how to vanquish the green menace that threatens the blessed Emperors territories. (focusing on the Boyz... all 180 of them)

Space Marines

The armored claw

This tactic is quite simple. Take a land raider crusader or Redeemer and fill it to the brim with lightning claw termies (a chaplain termie if you hate all things green as much as this loyalist does) Not if, but WHEN you get the charge out of your almost out of reach land raider you can dice up all sorts of green. (Out of a crusader w/ chap = 19 wounds! After they swing back they will lose the rest to fearless or snake eyes leadership.) Not to mention any shooting you can pump out of the LR first.

S.P.A.M (Sternguard Powns Alien Menace)

This Tactic involves the use of sternguard/Librarian combo and drop pods to destroy anything green. Don’t like getting to close to the horrid stench? Deploy the sternguard on the field and shoot your long range ammunition for multiple turns dropping in empty drop pods to fill lanes so the dumb brutes have to run through difficult terrain the whole game until you get the assault after slowly witling them down. Want to blow a unit off the board in the first turn? Drop in multiple pods and focus fire on one unit using the 2+ poison rounds. Anything left will shortly flee off the board after such a horrid volley. Got the Kustom Force Field blues? Ignoring your enemies cover saves for one or two turns should brighten up your day! But after all this rapid firing the inevitable is coming… The charge! Take solace that sternguard are veterans and will get their 20 attacks before the stumbling orks.

Can’t touch this!

Ironclads! Yes Ironclads. Drop one of these babies in a prime spot where the orks have the choice to charge or get charged and you’ll be sitting pretty for the whole game as a 30man mob is wasted until that power claw git can get a bunch of 6’s. Did I mention 2 Heavy Flamers?

Cleanse Through Flame

Vulkan…. Yea that’s right! Win the battle before it ever begins with Vulkan and 32 Twin linked heavy flamers.

Shaky Legs

Slow down the horde with some techmarine goodness in the form of a thunderfire cannon. Sorry sir I’m sitting in 3+ cover and you don’t have grenades. Use the ammunition that makes your opponent always move through difficult ground and watch gleefully as you out shoot them and get the charges when and where you want them to take place.